Spring is a great time for new floors from Vantage Floorcoverings

Replacing your floors?

Why spring time is a good time to do it!

Spring cleaning? Replace your flooring to freshen up your space!

This time of year, it's great to open up your windows, let the sun shine in and welcome the wonderful sounds and smells of spring. It's also a good time to spruce up the interior of your home with fresh, new floor coverings. Spring brings new life to nature, why not refresh and revitalize the inside of your home, too?

A few reasons why it's a good time to think about changing out your flooring:

Opening doors - a lot!

When flooring materials are installed, it's usually accompanied with the installers going in and out of your home. Bringing in the new flooring and getting rid of the old, is much easier without snow or the cold temperatures. Now that the weather is better, it won't be a bad thing. It allows for ventilation and the fresh, spring air to enter your house.

Humidity levels

The cold weather in winter or the hot temperatures and high humidity of summer, can be hard on flooring materials like hardwood. Springtime can be the optimum atmosphere for floor replacement.

It's a good idea to have all types of flooring get used to their new homes. The lower humidity and comfortable temperatures, allow your floors to be installed problem free. No dry air shrinking the wood or cracking.

Ready for summer

Installing your beautiful, new floors in the spring, will allow you to enjoy them ahead of the busy summer months.

To have Vantage install your new floors this spring, give us a call at 780-986-5212. We'd be happy to help you pick out the best products for your space.

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